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My love of needlepoint began in college. When my husband, Mike, and I were newlyweds, he was in law school (hence I never saw him) and I was bored.  I bought a Needlepoint kit at a local craft store and taught myself - incorrectly!  Out the window went that canvas.  I bought another canvas project and a Needlepoint book and learned to basketweave.  I was hooked!

This love for needlepoint led to my sister-in-law, Nancy, and me opening a Needlework store - Pocket Full of Stitches- in 1983. What an adventure and learning experience! The shop flourished and we had such a good time with our customers, canvases and threads.  In 2010, we decided with heavy hearts that the time had come and we sold our baby.  I still teach classes there and go back to get my fix playing with canvases and threads.

My stitching has sustained me through good times and trying times.  In 2012 my husband had an LVAD, heart pump, and then followed a heart transplant 5 months later. We picked up and moved twice to Dallas that year for these procedures.  I would not have made the journey as well if not for needle and canvas in hand.  Happily, our prayers were answered and Mike is back to ranching full time and is loving life again.

And so, through my stitch guides and experience,  I want to share this love for needlepoint with you.  May every canvas and stitch guide make you as happy as each has made me. 


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